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Medical Product Charger

As the technology increases, the medical devices also develop very fast. Considering use-cost and environmental protection, more and more rechargeable batteries are used for the medical devices. From the little tooth cleaning equipment to the integrated auto testing equipment, the batteries are used widely on the medical equipments.

The medical equipment have higher requirements on the safety property. For the chargers, they need the lower ripple and other electrical properties better than other common consumptive devices. Chargers of Xinsu Global have lower ripple, accurate charge voltage performance, global safety standards approval and other advantages.

Now Xinsu Global provide the chargers for Thermo Fisher, American ODM corporation, Suitx recovery robot, etc, we have the tooth cleaning battery charger, laser battery charger, monitor battery charger, intelligent health examination equipment charger, etc.

4.2V 1A laser battery charger, 8.4V 12.6V 1A 2A chargers for the tooth cleaning device, 16.8V 2A 3A Li-ion battery charger for the monitor, 29.4V 5A 7A for the health examination requirement.

Xinsu Global chargers have the high lights below: Global safety certificates, short lead time. 3 years warranty. If you need the battery charger, just please contact us.

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