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Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Lead-acid battery was invented in the 1859 in Franch. It is the oldest rechargeable battery. Lead-acid battery' s main advantages are that it has large current to volume ratio and the lower cost. It is used in many industries that pay much attention to the capacity not the volume, such as the golf cart, EV, electric bike, electric scooter, electric wheels, emergency lighting system, garden tools, UPS, some testing devices, etc. Xinsu Global is a professional lead-acid battery charger manufacturer. We provide battery chargers for many famous clients on this charger with rich experiences and advanced solutions. Power tool charger, EV charger, electric wheel charger, skateboard charger, garden tool charger, such as the 6V 1A testing equipment calibrator battery charger, 12V 4A emergency light battery charger, the 24V 2A electric scooter charger, the 36V 2A lead-acid golf cart battery charger, the 36V 4A lawn mower battery charger, 48V 3A electric bicycle battery charger and so on are available. 7 series of outputs: 15W, 24W, 36W, 65W, 90W, 120W, 210W. Wall plug-in type charger, Interchangeable plug battery charger, Desktop battery charger are available. ALL the chargers have over voltage protection, over current protection, backflow protection and short circuit protection. These do help to battery cycles.

All the chargers have been approved by the UL, CUL, FCC, PSE, CE, GS, SAA, RCM, C-tick, CCC, KC certificates.

DC output

极速时时彩计划 Battery Series

极速时时彩计划 1

极速时时彩计划 1


极速时时彩计划 3

极速时时彩计划 4


Battery Voltage(V)

极速时时彩计划 6V


极速时时彩计划 24V



极速时时彩计划 60V

Max Charging Voltage(V)

极速时时彩计划 7.3V






Voltage Tolerance

极速时时彩计划 ±5%


极速时时彩计划 ±4%



极速时时彩计划 ±2%

极速时时彩计划 Max Charging Current(A)




极速时时彩计划 4.5A



Charging Mode

Smart Three Stage Charging Mode

极速时时彩计划 LED Indicator

极速时时彩计划 Red for Charging, Green for Charged full

Feature of Lead-Acid Battery Charger

  • Used for 1-5 series lead acid battery pack.
  • Designed in USA, Made in China
  • Global Certificates.
  • Case Material: PC, GE brand
  • Fanless Design.
  • Fully sealed by ultrasonic welding.
  • Capacitor imported from Taiwan.
  • Desktop type and Wall plug type(support Interchangeable plug, EU, UK, US, AU, KR, JP, and CN Optional).
  • Protection: Over Load/Over Voltage/Over Current/Over Temp/Short-Circuit/Reverse Polarity/Anti-flow
  • LED indicator show work status, Red for Charging, Green for Charged full.
  • Comply With The Newest Safety Standard: IEC62368, IEC60950, IEC61558, IEC60335.
  • Brand Power Cord and DC Wire matched our products.
  • Customized Label and DC connector.
Specification Sheet Download

GS Download - Certificate No.: Z1A171194747010; Standard: EN62368(EN62368=EN60950+EN60065);
Verify website:
CE&LVD Download - Certificate No.: Z8A171194747011; Standard: EN62368(EN62368=EN60950+EN60065);
Verify website:
UL Download - Certificate No.:E481515; Standard: UL60950
FCC Download- Report No.:4788121683-1; Standard:FCC Part 15 Subpart B.
KC Download- Certificate No.: HU10934-18002A & HU10934-18003A; Standard: K 60950-1 (2011-12);
Verify website:
C-TICK Download - Certificate No.: 17AE07019A 001; Standard: AS/NZS CISPR 32:2015;
SAA Download- Certificate No.: SAA-172984-EA; Standard: AS/NZS60950:2015;
RCM Download - Certificate No.: POC17123654; Standard: AS/NZS 60950:2015 & SAA-172894-EA;
Verify website:https//
EMC TUV Download - Certificate No.:E8A 17 12 94747 013; Standard: EN55032:2015, EN55032:2012,
EN55024:2010/A1:2015, EN55024:2010, EN55020:2007/A12:2016,EN61000-3-2:2014, EN61000-3-3-2013.
Verify website:
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