Xinsu Global Electronic Co., Limited

Xinsu Brand

Xinsu Brand

Xinsu Brand
The “Symbol Switch” represents the electronically power supply system, meaning that combined science and Technology, safety as fundamental, continue to provide the energy efficient environmentally friendly product.

Xinsu Brand
Simple motion trajectory, powerful interpretation of Xinsu People the pragmatic, hard work and continuous steady growth.

Xinsu Global based on the professional, high-quality development and manufacturing, In virtue of global market system, creating the well-known brand in the switching power supply and Charger industry.

  • TEL:+86-0755-29706858
  • FAX:+86-0755-29706858
  • ADDRESS:3rd Floor No.1 Building A, Shenhuaye BaoAn Industrial Park, Xixiang Western Development Zone, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China 518128
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